Safety Sign & Safety Awareness Clocks
We specialize in Safety Sign Clocks that count up and countdown!
  1. Save Your Organization Money
    Save Your Organization Money
    What would you save your company if your accidents were reduced by 40%? Call for more information or to order today. 888-885-7730
  2. Prevent Costly Accidents
    Prevent Costly Accidents
    We specialize in Safety Sign Clocks that count up and count down. Your employees are reminded daily of safety. Reduced accidents produce great savings to your company.

Safety Sign Clocks​

We sell Countdown or Count up Clock/Signs that can be customized for any event: Safety, Sports, Holidays, New Hospital, New School, or ANYTHING YOU WANT! We specialize in Safety Sign Clocks that count up. Your employees are reminded that small accidents, big accidents are not accidents. They are caused by lack of attention to good safety procedures. Injuries occur because not enough attention is being given to the area of “Safety First”. You can’t remind people enough that their safety ultimately depends on them paying attention. Our Safety Awareness Clock does this and does help prevent accidents. Every Second, Minute, Hour and Day is recorded that your company does not have an accident or injury… AND it can be said in any language you prefer. Each sign has two inserts. We will customize each sign with your colors, logo and verbiage. If you prefer to print your own inserts we also sell a blank count-up clock.
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What We Offer
We offer a safety sign clock that makes all employees aware that Safety Comes First.
Results: Reduced accidents and great savings to the balance sheet.